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Nahel Jarmakani, Director, GreenKey FMS Ltd:

“We approached Venn Design to design this hybrid solution of solar/energy storage/diesel generator with a tight timeline and they delivered. I was impressed with their experience and deep knowledge of integrating renewable solutions with energy storage.”


Wind Turbine SCADA

Gerry Lalonde, CEO at Orenda Energy Solutions:

“The Iris SCADA solution developed by the Venn Design team has proven to be a robust sulution, which has provided excellent insight into turbine performance. This custom designed software, which seamlessly supports the control and safety aspects of our systems, has given our turbine offering a real edge – appreciated by our customers and field technicians alike.”

Graeme Allan, Partner at Venn Design Solutions:

“We’ve been aware of Blackfish Engineering’s experience, and focus on excellence in the marine energy field for some time.  We’re excited that Blackfish see the same values in Venn Design Solutions, and look forward to collaborating with Blackfish to continue to deliver on clean energy projects in all technology areas to meet our customer’s needs.”

Jacob Lillie, Founder and CEO at Lillie Systems:

“It is not so often we get the chance to collaborate on projects in this way and seeing some of the results, so hopefully there will be more of this to come in the future.”

Jacobo Tevar, Int'l Project Manager at SGS Tecnos:

“The team in SGS felt this design and process review ran smoothly, and would welcome the opportunity to work with the team at Venn Design Solutions again.”