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David Vandermeer attended the Marine Renewables Canada conference in Halifax, NS last week, and enjoyed hearing a mix of technical and policy presentations as well as the networking opportunities.

The conference included a networking event at the Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship (COVE) – a facility focussed on catalysing innovation in ocean sectors including Marine Energy.  The feedback from this event was that the marine energy industry in Canada is growing strongly, and attracting interest from other markets in Europe and beyond.  The strong tidal, wave & river resources in and around Canada provide an excellent resource to work with.

Two days of presentations and discussions followed, with the opportunity to learn and discuss with key technology providers, provincial and federal policy staff, marine service providers and legal/financial businesses.

The key messages delivered during the event were:

  • The industry globally sees Canada as an excellent marine resource.
  • FORCE provides technology developers with access to some of the highest tidal flows in the world, and is an essential resource to permit development and testing of high reliability in-stream tidal energy equipment and processes.
  • Policy is generally supportive of marine energy development within the clean energy framework in Canada.
  • There are several exciting Canadian companies working in this field, with a real opportunity for export potential in the future.
  • We are beginning to understand the impact on the grid from marine energy, and the likely inclusion of storage for firm power.

Venn Design Solutions continue to work on marine energy opportunities in Canada, both with Canadian companies, and international companies seeking to understand the Canadian market.  For further information, or to discuss your marine energy opportunity, contact Venn Design Solutions Inc. at info@venndesign.ca